The Budapest Society of the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society and the Puskás Tivadar Radio Amateur Club, HA5KHC, herby invites the radio amateurs and SWLs of the World to take part in the HA - Happy New Year Contest  in the first 21 hours of the year (as of UTC).

Operating period:        from 01.01.2016. 00:00 UTC to 01.01.2016. 21:00 UTC

Operating bands:        1,8 - 3,5 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 28 – 144 – 432 – 1296 MHz radio amateur bands according to the

                                        frequency allocation recommendations of the IARU Region 1.

Operating modes:        HF:   CW , SSB

                                      VHF/UHF:    CW , SSB , FM


Contest call:                CQ HNY or CQ CONTEST

Control exchange:       CW: RST+HNY , Phone: RS+Happy New Year

Categories:                  A:    SW    1,8-29,7MHz

                                     B:    V/UHF    144-1300MHz

                                     C:    SWL    1,8-1300MHz

Scoring:                        1 point for each QSO per band


Multipliers:                   On HF bands: DXCC countries, and stations having suffix „HNY” in the callsign.

                                       On VHF/UHF bands: each large QTH Locator square (e.g.:JN97), stations having

                                       suffix „HNY” in the callsign.

                                       Multipliers are counted separately for each band.


Claimed score:               The sum of the QSO points multiplied by the by the sum of multipliers on each band.

                                        The sum of the final scores achieved in each bands makes the claimed score.

Other conditions:           QSOs made through active repeaters or on emergency calling frequencies are not permitted

                                        and are null and void!

                                        The same station can only be worked once in each band independently of the operating mode!

                                        Even in case of multi-operator category only one transmitted signal is permitted in the same band!

                                        All the QSOs that are made in any other contest activity which is running in the same time can be

                                        counted as valid if in other respects these QSOs meet the present contest rules.

                                        During the contest the permitted output power must be in accordance with the station licence,

                                         but it is limited to 250 watts in the HF bands and to 100 watts in the VHF/UHF bands.


Awards:         Every winners of the first three places in each country and in each category will receive an Award (downloadable from the webpage).


Contest logs:  The contest logs are to be made up for each band separately, using the LOG 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 blanks or

                         similar format computer logs. The contest evaluation committee highly appreciates if the participant’s contest

                          logs are made using the commonly used computer logging programs and sending by e-mail.


The computer logging program will be available to download from the home page of

HA5HNY (http://www.ha5khc.hu)

Contest log submission deadline (according to postmark):    31st January, 2016.


e-mail address:ha5hny@ha5khc.hu


To obtain the final results please visit the home page: http://ha5hny.ha5khc.hu